We think with love about what we do. Passion inspires us to realize what we believe in. We like words like RENEWAL, REINVENTING, REGENERATION, which we consider essential processes to face the era we are living. We are determined to achieve our goals, we like to work as a team, we like people who love to win. Our team has been working together for so many years. Together is a word we love to pronounce and together with you we would like to develop our projects. For this reason, we come out today in the market with new brands, carrying new ideas as well as old values, in accordance with our history and our professionalism. Thank you for the support you would give us in order to realize our dreams and our ideas. ECCELLENCE AND TRADITION IN THE AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR Quadra is a team of project planners, who are specialized in turn-key solutions for the automotive sector. Combining a twenty-year worldwide experience in the field and a close relationship to OEMs, Quadra is ahead of our times and offers innovative solutions in compliance with the corporative standards of the Brand you represent. Our goal is to develop a tailormade project for your spaces, to make them functional, performing and innovative.